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Organizational Development

Strategic planning: Charting a course and communicating it to stakeholders is the essence of an effective plan. Our team helps organizations build plans that are rooted in the values, vision, mission, and brand position of the organization, are action oriented, and contain measures of success.

Branding and identity powerfully affect an organization's ability to succeed in a competitive environment. We help organizations clearly articulate and fine tune who they are—from the values in which they are rooted through the way in which they differentiate themselves in the communities they serve.

Staffing and Team Building: Hiring the right people with the right skills and attitudes is critical for organizational success. Building cohesive teams is just as important. We work with organizations to build strong teams of competent people who are effective and loyal.

Work plans: Employee performance—people doing the right things in the right way—is one of the most sensitive areas of management. James Mueller & Associates has a process that focuses on measurable outcomes and key tasks while integrating managers' expectations with employee aspirations. Our team works with employees and their managers to craft work plans that satisfy expectations, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce year-end performance assessment anxiety.

Executive Coaching: In today's high pressure, information-saturated, deadline-driven leadership environment, executives can benefit greatly from an objective, informed point of view. Our team members, with years of leadership and organizational development experience, are available to help executives solve problems in a safe, creative environment where they are free to think out loud and test ideas.

Measures and outcomes management: Metrics that measure success are becoming more important as organizations are held accountable by stakeholders to articulate their success. Our team helps organizations craft measurable outcomes that link to the mission and program aspirations—satisfying reporting needs with substantive documented outcomes.

Project management: In today's complex organizational environment, project initiatives span across traditional departmental boundaries and touch an array of stakeholders who are invested in the outcomes. To succeed, it requires clearly articulated expectations and clear communications. Our team provides project network diagramming and project management services led by a certified project manager with over 25 years of experience.

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